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Seeds to Self Love | Orange County Boudoir Photographer

May 22, 2018

Boudoir is so much more than what most would give it credit for. Many people look at boudoir as such a scandalous thing. Women in lingerie, striving for attention. Those people are naive and do not allow themselves to see all that boudoir is. Yes, boudoir does result in some breathtaking photos, but the mental process behind it is what is truly beautiful and life changing.

Boudoir starts with a desire; a desire to change your mentality on yourself. Many will agree that self love is important, but they will judge you on how you get there. They will claim that boudoir is for vanity, and you shouldn’t be putting your body on display. However; for many of us, our self hate comes from a lack of acceptance of our outer shell. We’ve grown in a society where were taught to judge our bodies against impossible standards; and that if we do not reach those standards, we are not worthy. Boudoir shows you that you’re beautiful. It shows you that you do not need to fit into a box to shine. Boudoir helps you see the beauty within.

Another way boudoir changes us is through strength. It is easy to say we want something, but to actually make a change tends to be a whole different task. Boudoir thoroughly pushes us out of our comfort zone. Signing up for your life changing day can be full of emotions. The little demons in our heads will tell us that we are not good enough, that we do not deserve this, that we are not in a place that will allow for acceptance, but our desire for self love is there and wanting to be fulfilled. The mental strength it takes to overcome yourself, for yourself, is huge. It would be easy to back away and continue on with life like you’ve known it. But boudoir is here to change that and push you into the woman you want.

The day of your shoot will also be one of strength. To knock on that door, to allow yourself no turn backs, it is scary. It is scary because it is uncomfortable. Many of us do not know how to do things for ourselves. Were givers who constantly put others before us, and to do something that revolves around us feels wrong. But once you allow yourself that moment, your world will change.

Your image reveal is the cherry on top of it all. It is what will solidify this new step in your life. At this point, everything will come together and you will see yourself in a new light. You will be faced with your own beauty. Nothing altered. No photoshop. Just you.

These photos will hold a new meaning in your life. Some may try to tear you down for them, to shame you; but you will know how they helped you. You will look at them and remember the girl that was. You will remember who you were and how you’ve changed since you decided to love her. You will take pride in knowing how strong you had to be, how hard you had to push yourself, all for your own self love.

Boudoir is more than photos. It is just the beginning. It is a place where you find out how strong you are and how far you’re willing to push yourself for something you want.

Boudoir is the seed to embracing yourself.

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