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Beauty is You | Orange County Boudoir Photographer

February 27, 2018

“Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself. When you love yourself, that’s when you’re most beautiful.”

– Joe Kravitz

The meaning of the word “beautiful” has been contorted over the years. Society has molded us to believe that to be beautiful, we must fit into a certain box. That if we aren’t a certain size, with certain hair, certain eye color, and a certain style, we are not considered beautiful.

How UGLY and wrong is that?!

Just take a minute to think how the world would be if everyone were the same. If we all looked identical. If we all enjoyed the same things…how incredibly boring would that be? The differences we all hold are what makes this world such a crazy and beautiful place. And the same goes for us personally.

There is a reason that we are all born different. It is not so some fit into the box while others suffer; it is so we can see the beauty in variety. Beauty is not subject to one form; but rather it takes all forms. Beauty is within every single one of us, and it is up to us to realize our beauty and embrace it.

It is so true that there is no greater enemy than ourselves. We know our flaws, and we hold our downfalls against ourselves. We know our weaknesses and are able to tear ourselves down better than anyone around us. That makes it this much more important to see your beauty. If you can be your biggest enemy, a change in mindset can make you your biggest supporter.

Every “flaw” you believe you have is something unique that adds to your own special beauty. Those love handles, that beauty mark, those wrinkles, your crooked smile; these are all aspects that create the one and only YOU.

If you struggle to find that beauty within yourself, that what I am here for.

Boudoir shows you how incredibly gorgeous you are. It forces you to overcome emotions and push yourself beyond the walls you’ve built up. It shows you how vulnerable you can be. It makes you open  your eyes and acknowledge your beauty.

Boudoir not only forces you to see your bodily beauty, but shows you how gorgeous you are inside. It shows you how all your little quirks are able to be loved, embraced, and celebrated. it shows you how beautifully strong your mind is to overcome your fears and push for yourself. Boudoir truly is a step to self love.

Our bodies are more than we give them credit for. They are more than just a beauty stamp. They are more than just another standard for us to hold ourselves to. If we put as much energy into embracing who we are rather than constantly berating ourselves, think of the love we would have. Think of how much we could build each other up if we were that comfortable with ourselves. Think of how strong we as women could be.

There is beauty is diversity. There is beauty in you.

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