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January 2, 2018

One Picture Worth Ten Thousand Words

– Fred R Barnard

This is a quote almost all of us has heard, and it holds so much truth. For generations, we have shared the joy of photographs. Looking back at our own baby pictures, seeing photos of our parents getting married, and seeing grandma and grandpa in their teen years have not only been interesting, but also strikes emotions within us.

When you see old photos, there is almost always a story behind it. Your grandma can tell you the exact thing that your grandpa said to make her burst laughing before that photo was snapped. Your mother can look and describe her exact emotions when she saw that young man, that’s now only captured on film.

Photos bring people together. They tell the story of that time. Photos can bring you back into that moment and allow you to feel that breeze, smell that fresh baked bread, or remember that warm embrace. They show how a person has changed. And for the person looking at their old self, they are reminded of their life. They look and remember their fears and strengths in that moment and what they have overcome since then.

Boudoir is here to capture you in the here and now. It is here to show you the beauty that you hold in this moment, and it is so important for you to see it.

These lasting photographs are something you will hold dear to your heart for years to come. You will look back and see the woman you were. You will be overcome with how you viewed yourself. You will remember the courage it took to take that leap into self love. You will have flashbacks to your session, a day surrounding you, filled with laughs and encouragement. You will remember how it felt to sit in the studio and see your photos for the first time; seeing yourself so beautiful and raw. As you look at these photos, you will feel the empowerment and confidence you felt the first day you saw them.

Doing a Boudoir shoot is not just for the now, but for everyday of the future. Everyday you’re feeling low mentally, you can look at your photos and remember the day you stood up to yourself and demanded love. You can remember the nerves you overcame with sending that first email and knocking on the door the day of your shoot. Everyday when you find yourself picking apart the woman you see in the mirror, you can look at these photos. You will not be able to deny your own beauty. You will see that sparkle in your eye, that sexy smirk, and the curve of your body and will feel like a badass all over again.

It is so important to be reminded of the women we were; of the lows we had and the struggles we faced. No, they are not what we want to become again, but those are the women that helped us get to where we are today, and we want to continually celebrate her.

A Boudoir shoot is not only worth ten thousand words. It is worth a changed perspective on ourselves. It is the door to a world of self love. It is worth a lifetime of self acceptance and empowerment.

Take the leap. Allow your world to be changed forever. Give yourself the gift of lasting photos that will remind you of who you were and where you’ve come. You deserve to capture this time in your life. You deserve to have a lasting memory of the women you are, right now.

You are beautiful. You are worthy. Let us capture that woman for you to look back on forever.

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