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Beauty Beyond Years | Orange County Boudoir Photographer

December 19, 2017

In a world where media has shoved the importance of vanity down our throats, getting older can become stressful. Birthdays can lead to denial, breakdowns, and anxiety attacks. All of which I personally am guilty of. But why? Why are we so scared of owning these years we have survived?

Age is one of the biggest reasons that women begin to hold themselves back. “I’m too old.”, “My skin sags.”, and “I have too many wrinkles.” are all issues many women have that keep them from loving what they see in the mirror. Well, boudoir is here to show you your beauty, no matter your age.

Many hear “boudoir” and think that it is about sexy women. They see pictures of young beautiful women and believe they could never do something like that; simply because they are “too old”. They see these sultry naked bodies and believe they could never bare their stomach because it’s covered with stretch marks from creating life. That they could never have a close up because their laugh lines show even without a smile. But these “imperfections” are what make life so beautiful. They are what make YOU so beautiful.

Of course there are things we shouldn’t do, at any age, for our health and safety; but saying you are “too old” is simply a mental restraint. Are you too old to feel beautiful? Are you to old to love and embrace the woman you see in mirror? Are you too old to feel truly empowered? The answer to all of those is NO.

Age should have no dictation over how we view ourselves. Yes, you may have wrinkles; but they show how many years you have survived. Yes, you may have crows feet; but they are reminders for every time your eyes lit up with a smile. Yes, you may have stretch marks; but those show how your body took care of you through changes. We can choose to hate these things about ourselves, or embrace and appreciate how our body has gotten us through our years.

Boudoir is here to help show you, not only how beautiful your body is, but how beautiful YOU are. It is here, regardless of age, to open your eyes and show you how incredible you truly are. “Imperfections” and all.

Many of my clients are mothers, some even grandmothers. They chose to do something for themselves, putting their age behind them. And you know what, THEY FALL IN LOVE. Just like all of my clients. They see that those wrinkles and greying hair make up who they are now. They see that these “flaws” show what they have been through. They are reminded of who they were, what they’ve been through, and how strong they are now.

Do not buy into the belief that you are “too old”. Boudoir is for everyone. It is here to show you how gorgeous life has made you. It is here to show you the beauty in every stage of life. Boudoir is here to empower and embrace you.

You are never too old to fall in love with yourself.

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