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Birthday Suit | Orange County Boudoir Photographer

November 10, 2017

“To fully embrace your true self, to strip down to just your bare bones, that my dear, is worth everything.” – Alyssa Michelle

Many woman come to the studio simply to regain themselves. They see a shoot as their last hope to start their journey of self love. And we are oh so happy to take that step with you.

When determining your outfits, it is important to stay true to yourself. Boudoir is not about dressing up as something you aren’t. Boudoir is here to embrace you and show you the beautiful person within.

Many woman fear the thought of going nude for their shoot. They are afraid of exposing themselves to a stranger. They fear that their flaws will be not only exposed, but highlighted. They don’t believe they could ever “look like those other girls”; but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

YOU are THE girl!

Do you know the number one regret of past clients? Not choosing to go nude. Going nude is not just about the sexy photos; it is about embracing every inch of you.

When you strip down to your bare skin, something truly beautiful happens. There are absolutely no distractions from the woman in front of you. Nothing to overshadow or “enhance” your beauty. You are left with just yourself. As scary as that may sound, it is so rewarding.

First, you must realize how courageous you are for choosing to fully embrace yourself. The strength it takes to be that vulnerable, not only in front of the Alyssas’, but with yourself, shows how ready you are to begin loving yourself.

As you take that first look into the mirror, it is difficult to love what you see. We have lived our whole lives being told that we do not fit into what society sees as beautiful. That will quickly change.

Once the camera starts clicking, you will feel confidence start to take over. You will begin to own every shot, and feel the sexiness pour from you.

When you come into your viewing, i promise you that you will have to hold back tears. To see yourself naked, knowing the struggles you had to overcome to get there, will change you. You will not only feel proud that you were able to overcome your own self doubts, but you will be forced to see your beauty for yourself.

If you are ready to start on the path of self love, if you are desiring to fully embrace yourself, strip down and GO NUDE!

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