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Sexy is Not a Size | Orange County Boudoir Photographer

October 13, 2017


It’s something we all deal with on one level or another. Some days we feel confident and sexy, while others can lead to overthinking and determining our worth based on how big or small we are. We limit ourselves by our size and weight, thinking we’re incapable because we don’t look like “them”. We tear apart our bodies, yearning to be something we aren’t. We deem ourselves unlovable by the way we look. All of which are not true, and will only leave us broken.

Women all over are held to different standards. Depending on what country you live in, the guy you’re with, or even at times the females you surround yourself with, there are different expectations of beauty. Which is CRAZY seeing as every persons body is unique. Just because you don’t have lean legs, big boobs, or a small waist, does not make you any less worthy of loving yourself. We are made in a wide variety of curvy, slim, chubby, and lean. Each are lovable. Each are desirable. Each are INCREDIBLY GORGEOUS.

It’s natural to want what you don’t have, or to envy those that have what you consider to be “perfect”. But in allowing your mind to do that, you are robbing yourself. There is nothing more damaging to ones self than comparing your body to those around you. While you’re wishing for aspects of her body, she’s wishing for yours. You deserve to feel proud just like those girls you envy. You deserve to feel sexy, because you ARE! Your body is beautiful!

So why? WHY do we obsess over trying to fit into the shape and size that other place in front of us?! Rather than trying to change and all look alike, we should love and embrace the different bodies we are in.

Boudoir helps heal these terrorizing thoughts and forces you to see your beauty. It embraces every single inch of you and shows you just how sexy you are; NO MATTER YOUR SIZE. It is here to show you how vulnerable you are capable of being. It is here to show you how courageous you are for taking those first steps of falling in love with yourself. It is here to show you how sexy you are regardless of your perfect imperfections.

After the initial shock of “is that really me”, you will see your body in a completely new way. You will feel a sense of self love and empowerment. Seeing yourself in someone else light will open your eyes to just how wonderful you are.

Size should never be our worry. We are so much more than a number. Believing that and learning to love ourselves and accept all sizes and shapes is truly amazing and beautiful.

Sexy has no boundaries.

Sexy is not a size, it is a feeling.

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