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A Touch of Nature | Orange County Boudoir Photographer

October 27, 2017

When booking your shoot, it’s normal to want it to be personalized and unique to you. There are so many little details that go into your day that there is no way it couldn’t be special! From the different choices of hair, makeup, and wardrobe, you’re already on your way to creating YOUR perfect shoot.

As I was planning my shoot, I knew I wanted something a little extra. Did you know that the Alyssa Michelle Team offers outdoor shoot add ons?! I didn’t until Alyssa emailed me asking if I wanted to add anything on. I was thrilled at the option of making my shoot that much more unique to me.

The outdoor option is an add on to your bedroom shoot that brings a lot of flare and personality to your day. After your morning bedroom shoot, you will have the day to yourself, then meet back up with the Alyssa’s at your desired location to continue your session.

There are two different outdoor options: The Industrial Trailhead and Thomas Riley Park. The Industrial Trailhead features an underpass making for darker edgier feel, a bike path, a cacti grove, and stunning trees that allow lots of sunlight to beam through. Thomas Riley Park has a gorgeous open field creating an endless beauty feel. It opens to various trails, and big beautiful trees that allows light to peak through for some very artsy light spills.

I decided on The Industrial Trailhead. It was a little more edgy for my personality, but still offered some scenic spots to create the nature vibe that I desired. It ended up being the perfect touch I was looking for to make my shoot my own.

As I got out of my car and headed to the underpass, I was very self conscious wearing nothing but some lingerie out into the world. Soon, that fear was a distant memory. Both the Alyssa’s were able to make me feel safe and comfortable, as if it was totally normal to be in a bra and undies in public.

Let me tell you, there is nothing that gives you more of an adrenaline high then being only partially clothed as people race past you on bikes. Brakes slamming and heads spinning to get a look was an odd but rewarding confidence boost. I felt empowered and like a damn prize to see!

Growing up as a “rebel” kid in Orange County, I spent a lot of time on trails and hanging out under streets. This location helped me tie in who I was on such another level. I felt at home, as if this is location really brought out me in my photos.

Once we were done at the underpass, we moved into a cactus area. I instantly felt at peace with the plants around me. This outdoor location made me feel calm and beautiful. The lighting is different, you’re in an open place, and the nature surrounding you adds a special touch of beauty to your photos.


After this experience, I went home feeling so proud and refreshed. Looking at my photos, I had the very touch of “extra and unique” I wanted. The outdoors didn’t not take anything away from me, but rather enhanced my beauty.

If you are looking to create more variety to your shoot, the outdoors add on might be exactly what you need. It will not only give you a new level of courage being in the open half naked, but it will also add personality to your shoot. Nature does wonderful things for our souls, and that will easily shine through in your pictures!


Written by: Alicia Honeycutt

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