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Moms, YOU are the most important person in your life | Orange County Boudoir Photographer

August 30, 2017

Now, I can’t claim to know what it is like to be a mom, since I’m not (and I do know that even though my business is my baby.. it doesn’t count).

But I am a firm believe in the fact that YOU are the most important person in your life. Nobody else is to have that job. Because without you, your kids wouldn’t exist.

So you can tell me that you don’t put yourself first, nor deserve to, when you have kids, but we all know that’s complete bullshit. You NEED to do something for yourself every once in a while, whether that be a massage, a shopping day, a meal alone, a bubble bath, or a boudoir experience. You need to take care of yourself FIRST.

When mom feels amazing, and is rested, and happy, then the family and everyone around her benefits. So don’t run yourself thin moms, do something for you, pamper yourself every once in a while so you can continue to be the super mom you know you are!

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