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Top 10 tips to help you prepare for your Boudoir Experience! | Orange County Boudoir Photographer

July 19, 2017

About 99.9% of my clients are nervous to all hell before their Boudoir Experience, and let me tell you… That is NORMAL. Completely normal.

You are probably getting more and more scatter brained as your session fast approaches, “What do I wear?! What should I be doing before my shoot?! What if I forget something?!”

Have no fear. I’ve created the top 10 tips to help you prepare for your Boudoir Experience so you don’t have to do the thinking 😉

#1. Drink tons of water a week before your session. 

Water is the only drink that will give you that overall beautiful skin glow, and hey it’s freaking healthy, so bottoms up, boo! Extra tip: Try to avoid alcohol and high intakes of salt a week before your session for that extra crazy soft skin look!

#2. Book a Mani/Pedi 1-3 days before your session.

Girl, come on. You don’t need to start and stop the pampering here in the studio – really take the time to give yourself a mini vacation! It will help you relax, and let’s be honest, your nails being done will look incredible is your photographs! Recommendation: Stick to neutral colors such as black, white, french tip, nude, blush pink etc. When your nails are a bright color it really steals the show, when we want the focus to be solely on YOU. That means no neon colors, ladies!




For the love of god, and all that is holy, please please please NO TANNING prior to your shoot! You WILL be orange in your photographs if you spray tan. No matter what. The camera picks up the hint of orange and really shows in the photos, just don’t do it. If you are going to tan at all, make sure it’s natural tanning and girl, if you are going to do it, make sure you do it naked, and spread those butt cheeks! There is nothing worse than a buttcrack tan line! Pale is BEAUTIFUL in photographs, embrace it!



#4. Get rid of the body hair.

To your comfort level, of course! I always say make sure you shave or wax in your normal spots! This is NOT  a chance to try something different. Stick to your normal routine! Do NOT wax if you are not used to waxing. You WILL be red. If you wax on a normal basis, make sure you was 2-4 days prior to your shoot!

#5. Research hair + make up ideas. 

Do some research of make up and hair styles that you like and may want for your session! We have some clients come in that say they want natural as possible. I would strongly advise against this. There is a way for us to stay on the “natural” path, but a little more glam than you are used to. Why? The camera looses about 30% of make up, so we do it a bit heavier than normal in order for the camera to pick it up, it will NOT look heavy in camera, promise! My beauty team will always consult with you first to look at any photos you may have and help you come up with the perfect look!



#6. Try on your outfits before hand. 

We have clients bring in 2-4 of their own outfits that they chose in case they can’t find something perfect in our Client Lingerie Closet – make sure that you like the fit of each of your outfits. We will have you try them all on so we can see the fit and style, and give you our honest opinion about them! But it’s always good to make sure all of your outfits are top notch!

#7. Stretch Stretch Stretch!

Yes, I’m talking about BEFORE your session. Make sure you stretch it out – I’m serious. It IS a workout. You will be arching and bending in ways that are not your norm and you will be sore! I don’t want you to not be able to move the next day, so please take this extra step and stretch!



#8. Wear loose clothes. 

Make sure you wear loose fitting clothes on your drive to the studio and during hair and make up, there is nothing worse that indents in your skin from the jeans you sat in for an hour during hair and make up. Best option: A maxi dress, loose undies, and no bra.

#9. Say yes to falsies! 

I used to HATE fake lashes. Literally used to hate them, but when I found a make up artist who applied them correctly, I changed my mind. Fake lashes are a MUST for your boudoir session. Yes, we have natural looking ones, but I promise you that it will give your eyes that extra pop in your photos! Please just say yes!



#10. Trust us. 

My team and I have created a space for you to be unapologetically yourself. We do all of the work for you when it comes to posing for your body type, outfits that compliment your features, and so fourth. Please just come in to the studio and trust that we are going to take great care of you, and show you photographs that will take your breath away. Extra tip: The one thing that you should NOT do in this case – do NOT come with a pinterest board of all the poses you want me to copy and recreate. I will tell you no. No one shoot is alike. I want this shoot to represent YOU. I will do that without a pinterest board!


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