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Contrary to popular belief, you DON’T need a reason to celebrate YOU | Orange County Boudoir Photographer

May 26, 2017

As women, we always think we need to have a REASON to move forward with that big decision, or have an excuse as to why we need to dress a certain way or a reason to go out to a nice dinner on a Tuesday night.
We celebrate the milestones, the accomplishments, and the birthdays, but we never seem to just celebrate ourselves.

Why do we think we need a man in our life in order to gift boudoir photographs to? Not that it isn’t a fabulous idea, but why do we feel the need to wait for his birthday, or for Valentine’s day? Why do we feel like this experience is just for him? It couldn’t be further from the truth even if we tried.

Do we think it’s vain to want to do something for ourselves? Do we feel like we aren’t worthy of celebrating ourselves unless there is a specific event taking place?
Why is it that we are the most important people in our lives, and yet we don’t treat ourselves as such?

You know what I say?
I say eff society norms. Take yourself out to dinner, put on the red lipstick, throw on that gorgeous gown with the sexy slit up the front, take yourself to get a massage, book the boudoir shoot. Do it for you.

We crave reasons, we think we need them, but aren’t YOU reason enough?

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